The Dream Machine

In this painting, a small girl clenches her stuffed giraffe and dreams about her first ride on the carousel. As I worked on this painting, many people have asked as they watched me work if the little girl is my daughter.While my inspiration came from my daughter, Rosa, she is not the child in the painting. Rosa fell in love with the carousel giraffe when she was about three years old. As she grew older,her bedroom took on a giraffe theme featuring pictures and stuffed animals. When she grew up, she continued her admiration for this animal in the form of handbags and high heels. The little girl in the painting is the daughter of a friend of my sister. She reminded me of pictures I had seen of my wife when she was a child, so she seemed a perfect subject for the painting. I think the carousel is truly a dream machine for all of us. It brings back fond memories of going 'round and 'round, up and down.

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Canvas:
25 signed and numbered by the artist
Image size: 23" x 29"
Price: $225

Limited Edition Lithograph on Watercolor paper
150 signed and numbered by the artist
Image size 16" x 20"

Price: $75




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