Backdoor Explorers
Original Watercolor


The inspiration for this painting came to me as I was walking around my wife’s grandparents’ old home place. I looked at the old back door and the memories of a time in the early 1980s came back to me. My beautiful young wife and I would visit her grandmother every Wednesday evening. She would ask us to feed the cats that lived in the old dairy barn beside the house. These cats were very wary of us, so they would not approach the food that we placed in their bowls until we went back in the house, where we would watch them through the parted curtains in the window. I painted this scene in the early spring on several cool days. This was the north side of the house, so I was always sitting in the shadows. I had to leave my painting periodically to warm my hands on the sun drenched hood of my truck.

Image Size: 13" x 16 3/4"
Price: $5,000