Old School Days
Original Watercolor

Of all the paintings I have completed, researching this one took the longest. Sylvan School burned down in 1974; therefore, I did not have much to go on. I found two aerial photographs from annuals of the 1950’s, and one of the senior class from 1959. The senior class was walking toward the school, but one could not see the school well because of the trees in the way. By using the three photographs and snapshots of kids standing in front of the windows and doors, I was able to build a cardboard model of the school. The one thing that was hardest to research was the color of the tin on the roof. I had asked numerous alumni if they could remember the color, but none of them could recall it. Then one day I met an alumna in the school office. I asked her if she knew what color the roof was, and she told me it was red. The reason she remembered was because she had asked the principal why the roof was red when she was in school. He had told her that early aviators used the school as a landmark and the red roof made it easier to spot from above.

Image Size: 26 1/2" x 19"
Price: $2,200