Split Rail

I always liked the looks of this old place on Gilbreath Street in Graham NC so I did a painting of it, changing the barb wire fence to a split rail. About a week later, I took my son to see the old house, but to our shock, it had burned down the night before. Six months later, in October 2001, at the Village of  Yesteryear at the North Carolina State Fair, a couple from the NC mountains came by my booth. The lady saw my painting of Split Rail and expressed interest in it. It turned out to be her grandfather’s home. They bought the original painting. The next summer, at a show in Corolla, a couple from Graham saw the print of Split Rail and the lady said that it was her grandfather’s house. I was a little surprised and asked if she had a sister. She didn’t. It turned out that her great-grandfather built the house in the 1800s. He later sold it in the 1920s and moved into town. I suppose he sold it to the “other grandfather”. End of story, right? Wrong. I pointed out the painting of Country Pride and the man said, “You’re not going to believe this, but her grandfather is buried in the old cemetery behind that house.”

Limited Edition Lithograph
350 signed and numbered by the artist
Image size: 18" x 11 1/2"
Price: $95